Making the Most of Your Competitive Insights Snapshot

Making the Most of Your Competitive Insights Snapshot

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About Your Competitive Insights Snapshot

The Competitive Insights Snapshot is designed to give you visibility into how your RealSelf profile is performing. In this blog post, I’ll share brief explanations of what’s included and best practices to help you build off of the recommendations.

First, let’s dive into the report you received. The first section covers how many people have looked at your profile, how many people clicked from your profile to your website, and how many people contacted you from your RealSelf profile.

Here’s a screenshot of the sample report we created for our fictional RealSelf Practice.  

So you may be asking what’s competitive about total contacts? Well, the next step was to determine if you’re getting all the contacts you could. We also looked at how many consumers viewed you, yet went on to choose one of your top competitors.

To determine why a consumer would choose a competitor over you, our data scientists came up with a number of recommendations to make your RealSelf profile as compelling as possible. Included are how many contacts you’re losing to your top competitors and recommendations to maximize your competitiveness.

Your recommendations will look like one of the following:

Encourage more reviews (to continue building consumer trust)

Your Snapshot might include a situation similar to Competitor #1 above, where a competitor has been contacted by people who visited your profile. Cross-referencing with the screenshot below as well, you’ll also see that Competitor #1 has more reviews. Reviews are a big contributor to consumer trust, so a provider with lots of positive reviews is often perceived as more trustworthy and more experienced.

Answer more questions (to highlight experience)

Again, referencing the screenshots above and below, Competitor #2 answered more consumer questions. And that can signal to some consumers that the competitor is more knowledgeable or more committed to patient education. Sharing knowledge freely is also a great trust builder.

Add more recent photos (to showcase recent outcomes)

Moving on to Competitor #3 this sample provider has missed out to another provider who had more photos. Photos are an important indicator of expertise and is something that aesthetic consumers look for to help in their decision-making process.

Contact your RealSelf Advocate for a custom solution

Of course, some reasons a consumer chooses one provider over another can be about more than just data. So in the Snapshot you may see one or these potential reasons: 1) years of experience, 2) consumer research variance, and 3) distance too far. In these cases, we highly recommend you contact your advocate for a custom solution. Things like improving the quality of your before and after photos, creating more engaging or descriptive answers to questions, or encouraging longer, more detailed reviews from your patients can overcome some of this consumer variance.

And after all that, we knew you would want to know exactly how your before and afters, questions answered, and reviews compare to the competitors taking contacts from you. So we take the same competitors from above and complete a side by side analysis.

Best practices for reviews, photos & answers to consumer questions:

Getting more consumers to contact you starts with making your RealSelf Profile as compelling as possible. The more reviews, before & after photos, and answers to consumer questions you have, the better you can highlight your expertise and stand out from the competition.

So here are 3 guides to help your profile stay ahead of top competitors near you:

Haven’t received your Competitive Insights snapshot?

If you’re a RealSelf Premier or Preferred provider: Contact your RealSelf Advocate to discuss the status of your personalized Competitive Insights Snapshot.

If you’re not a RealSelf Premier provider: Competitive Insights snapshots are exclusively for RealSelf Premier and Preferred. As the most invested providers on RealSelf, they receive a variety of benefits that help them be as competitive as possible. Contact your RealSelf Advocate or Advisor to learn more, 206-624-9357 x4.