Medical Aesthetics, A Huge Wave to Ride. My Chat with Hydrafacial’s Clint Carnell

Medical Aesthetics, A Huge Wave to Ride. My Chat with Hydrafacial’s Clint Carnell

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I’ve long admired Hydrafacial in how it blurs the lines between beauty and medical aesthetics to the benefit of consumers and medical practices alike. I’ve also really appreciated how the brand has evolved and empowered aestheticians at the same time.

On top of this, Hydrafacial has maintained a 99% RealSelf Worth It Rating for years, which is almost unheard of in the device space. For these reasons and more, I was delighted to have a Hey Seery conversation with the CEO of Hydrafacial, Clint Carnell.

Beyond sharing a general distaste for the term “medspa,” Carnell and I enjoy peering into the crystal ball to predict what the future holds for medical aesthetics and, just as importantly, what it will take for the industry to grow 10x and operate at or near the scale of the $100B+ global skincare industry.

In the podcast, Carnell shares that after 15 years of positive macro trends, he believes aesthetics has all the signs of going full mainstream (hmm…coincidence that RealSelf started 15 years ago?!). He says “these personal care services—self-care, whatever we want to categorize what we do—[are] here to stay. It’s enormous. I think there’s gonna be a huge wave for all of us to ride.”

What is going to drive the next wave of industry growth?

Brands are certain to make an impact. But listen in as Carnell lays out the key enablers of growth, including the investment needed to make the aesthetics experience far more convenient and modern. Online booking anyone?

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