New RealSelf Verified Profile Power-Up: Personalized Expertise Modules

New RealSelf Verified Profile Power-Up: Personalized Expertise Modules

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RealSelf Verified doctors have the exclusive ability to highlight procedures they’re known for in a prominent expertise module on their profile. This gives consumers a rich starting point for learning more about their expertise, experience, and results in those procedures.

But while the expertise module was a major profile enhancement, there was a limitation: doctors could only highlight up to three procedures.

That was until now. We’ve rolled out a new update that will enhance the expertise module in two significant ways.

One: we’ve opened up the number of procedures that can appear in those three slots. Now, all procedures that meet minimum content requirements (see below) are eligible to be highlighted, making it possible for you to showcase your expertise for many more of them.

Two: we’re moving from static content, where the same three procedures are highlighted each time, to dynamic content, where consumers’ searches will influence which procedures appear. This personalization will make RealSelf Verified doctors’ profiles squarely relevant to individual consumers’ body concerns and treatment interests.

Here’s how it works.

1. Add more content to make procedures eligible to appear

RealSelf Verified doctors will need to make sure procedures meet existing expertise module content requirements—a minimum of 10 photos, 10 answers, and 5 reviews per treatment—so they can appear in one of the three slots. For each module, you also have the option to choose a cover photo and add a custom description that summarizes your unique approach to the procedure and details why you are an expert. Check out these Insights Center articles for tips on getting more photos, answers, and reviews.

2. Consumer searches will influence profile content

Procedures that meet these minimum requirements can now appear in expertise modules and will be surfaced when they match up with a procedure a consumer is searching for. For example, if you’ve met the content threshold for breast augmentation procedures, then a consumer who lands on your profile after searching for that procedure will see breast augmentations highlighted first in your expertise modules. It will show up even if breast augmentations weren’t previously one of the three you chose for your profile.

3. Benefit from increased relevance

More consumers will see prominently featured content specific to the treatment they want information about, helping your profile work harder to drive more potential inquiries your way.

Don’t have this feature on your profile? Reach out to your RealSelf Advisor for help becoming RealSelf Verified and unlocking all related profile features, including expertise modules.