Consider This Non-Aesthetic Content to Engage Your Followers

Consider This Non-Aesthetic Content to Engage Your Followers

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You may have heard the phrase “Content is King.” It was coined by Bill Gates during a 1996 essay where he predicted content would be the main source of revenue generated by the internet.

Twenty-four years later, those words couldn’t be more relevant. From social media, to blogs, to paid content, content is king as both a tool to effectively reach an audience and generate revenue.

Whether you have a regular blog on your website or frequently post content to your social media pages, you may find it a challenge to come up with new ideas for content about procedures. You know that as an aesthetics medical professional you’re not just changing a person’s physical appearance—you’re helping to change how they are both seen and feel when navigating day-to-day life. This opens up an entire world of possible content that you can produce yourself or share to increase engagement with your audience and community. If you expand the spectrum of your content, you may increase both engagement and reach with the audience.

Consider staggering your posts between procedure topics, general lifestyle, testimonials and sharing content from other sources.

Open the book on your lifestyle

You can mine your own life, things you’ve read, or advice you’ve heard from doctors in other specialties to share great information with your followers and subscribers.

Consider sharing general wellness tips that can impact people in their day-to-day lives. Here at RealSelf, one of our team members started a channel on Slack, the messaging service we use to communicate and collaborate, to share data- and experience-driven insights from his journey to boost his own health and longevity. It’s one of the most appreciated and engaged-with channels on the platform.

You might also share a new hobby you’ve picked up, a fitness routine, a productivity hack—even a cool tool that you use to create or share content on social media. These tips have the dual benefit of being “news you can use” for your audience and of shoring up their comfort level with—and confidence in—the person who might administer their treatment.

Share your patients’ stories

You know better than anyone that your office or operating room is only the smallest sliver of where your patients will live out the results of their procedure. One great way to integrate your work into consumers’ wider world is to work with other patients who have already had work done and lived with and in their results.

Speak with your patients about being on camera and sharing their story about how a particular procedure affected them in their personal or business life. Showcasing current or former patients not only highlights how a procedure has impacted them, but it also highlights your personality and the fact that your focus is to ultimately help your patients live more confidently.

Take the local route

If you have a primarily local following, consider sharing content about your local life that plays up your persona as a member of the local business community: a short personal story about an experience you had at a local business, recommendations, hobbies, ways you give back, and the like.

This is a great way to showcase your personality and expand your audience in an organic, local way. You might even pick up some followers from the fans of the business you mention.

Get down with O.P.C

Share other people’s content. It can be easy to underestimate the value you can add to your followers and subscribers simply by dint of the fact that your vantage point will bring you in contact with valuable content and points of view that are not in their regular rotation.

Don’t underestimate the power of curation. Whether it is from the New York Times, your local paper, doctor forums or the people you follow on social media, sharing stories you find interesting is a great way to be relevant, add value, and potentially gain followers and expand your reach.