Normalizing IVF, with Jake Anderson and Deborah Anderson-Bialis

Normalizing IVF, with Jake Anderson and Deborah Anderson-Bialis

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For fourteen years, I’ve focused a lot of energy on opening up conversations and introducing transparency in areas that are stigmatized and intensely personal.

Jake and Deborah Bialis-Anderson founded FertilityIQ in 2015.

Considerations around aesthetic treatments are most often kept secret from social networks, friends and family. This is equally true for infertility and IVF, which historically have carried similar barriers for those trying to get informed and make a decision.

Fortunately, Deborah Bialis-Anderson and her husband, Jake, decided to make it their personal mission to shine a light on the world of fertility treatments with the launch in 2015 of what’s now the leading resource, FertilityIQ.

I am delighted these pioneers spoke with me on my latest Hey Seery podcast, where they shared thoughts on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to fertility market scare tactics.  Highlights for me included:

  • Jake shared that “starting a business is absolute chaos,” which I found true at the beginning of RealSelf, and in many chapters afterwards!
  • An amazing 80-90% of U.S. fertility patients are educated by FertilityIQ, according to Deborah.
  • Both reject that shame or stigma should surround infertility or going through fertility treatment, but as Deborah states, “that’s not the world we live in,” and it “stems from the fact that when people try to get pregnant, that’s a very secretive topic.”

This is just a sample of what you’ll hear in this podcast, so listen in and please connect with Jake and Deb if you have any follow-up questions. 

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