Part 2. Educating Potential Patients: How to Start

Part 2. Educating Potential Patients: How to Start

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When communicating with a consumer, the first thing to do is be their provider…of information. Carefully consider what you’ll say to a potential patient when you connect for the first time. Do you ask questions and offer helpful responses, or do you just ask when they’d like to schedule their consultation? It’s a learning process for your potential patients, so we recommend the former.

Empower-the-Patient Power Tips:
  • Educate your potential patient long before their consult. Consumers are on RealSelf because they want to feel empowered to make a smart decision. You can be an extension of that and offer answers before trying to schedule a consult. Examples of how to start your call:
    • “What questions do you have about this treatment, or about Dr.___________?”
    • “Give me an idea of what you want to accomplish by having this done.”
    • “Can you tell me what prompted you to inquire about this treatment?”
  • Give your potential patient a sense of the cost when communicating one-on-one with them. Even giving a range can help put their investment in perspective. Example of how to talk about cost:  “Have you researched the average cost of this treatment already?”
  • Have a list of suggested financing options ready, to overcome a top obstacle to converting contacts into consults. Example of how to talk about payment: “Are you interested in financing options or will you be paying up front when you decide to move forward?”
  • Build their confidence by linking to relevant reviews or linking to before & after photos on RealSelf, when responding to consult inquiries. People crave evidence of successful outcomes to help them along in their information-gathering process. Give them some.
Next Steps
  • You got them to book. Now what?
    Add them to your contact database and make note of what worked. This tracking can help you identify trends over time. You can learn just as much from your successes.
  • They’re not ready to book? Read on.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you had a good conversation, that’s progress. It’s worth checking out Part 3 of our series on Response Frequencies and Methods, for some additional ideas. While it discusses what to do when you can’t get an initial contact, it also recommends how to nurture contacts who simply aren’t ready. It’s a process.

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