Patient-centric Practices, Part II: The 3 Cs of Website Credibility

Patient-centric Practices, Part II: The 3 Cs of Website Credibility

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As previously noted, demonstrating that you put patients first starts with a well-designed, patient-centric website. It should be about them, not you, and with the possible exception of your About Us page, every element should underscore that message.

The fact is that most visitors to your website have already conducted a significant amount of online research before they step through your digital front door. They’re aware of their options, they’ve narrowed their “consideration set” of potential providers, and they’re close to choosing the person that they believe will help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

If you hope to be the one, your practice website should demonstrate that you’re competent and compassionate. But even the most informative, empathetic website won’t generate new business if it doesn’t also generate something else: Credibility.

The following strategies can help:

Share great content

Today’s aesthetic consumers are already well-informed by the time they visit your website. Providing the same generic content as every other practice in town won’t set you apart from the competition, and it certainly won’t convince visitors of anything other than your inclination to deliver the bare minimum.

On the other hand, Patient-centric practices offer proactive content — explainer videos that demystify procedures, FAQ’s that answer commonly asked questions, and before and after galleries that showcase real people and actual results. They also update content regularly, using a blog or articles to share insights about the latest trends and treatments.

Inspire real confidence

In a perfect world, your work would speak for itself. The reality is that people want confirmation beforehand that they’re making the right choice, which your practice website is ideally suited to provide.

How? By giving “social proof” in which other unaffiliated sources proclaim their faith in your skills and/or services.

Among the most powerful indicators are patient reviews, as 74% of people say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Don’t stop there. Displaying board affiliations, industry honors, and other accolades enhance your credibility. Research has shown that even your photo as the business owner indicates trustworthiness.

Deliver true convenience

As potential patients become more informed, they also become more adept at finding what they need — and less tolerant of websites that don’t provide it. It may not seem fair, but today’s online researchers judge their experiences with your digital clinic based on their experiences with Amazon, Google, and other companies that provide near-instant results.

Does your practice website deliver? Do pages load quickly? Is navigation intuitive and do all links function? Does it look good on mobile? Does it have convenient features, including online consultation requests and click-to-call capability? The easier you make it for people to contact you, the better the chances that they actually will.

At which point, you’ll be better positioned to embrace the fourth, and perhaps most important, “C” of website credibility: Converting visitors into new patients.

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