Patient Reviews Can Now Be Tagged As ‘Verified Purchases’

Patient Reviews Can Now Be Tagged As ‘Verified Purchases’

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We introduced RealSelf Verified last year to add more ease, trust and transparency to consumers’ doctor search experience and give them more confidence in their doctor selection.

Now we’re bringing this spirit of ramped-up trust and credibility to reviews with Verified Purchases. This new badge will add another layer of authentication to reviews, letting consumers know that the reviewer submitted a purchase receipt that matches the review’s procedure details. Having a review tagged as a Verified Purchase requires no extra work from doctors and practices.

How It Works

The Verified Purchase badge will be added to reviews when patients submit proof through their dashboard showing their name, procedure date, and treatment name, as well as their doctor and/or practice’s name if it’s included in the review.

Those details will be checked against their submitted review by a RealSelf moderator, and Verified Purchases that pass this stage will have an identifying badge added to the review. The review will also become discoverable when consumers filter for Verified Purchases on the main reviews page. And consumers who hover over the Verified Purchase badge on reviews can read an explanation of what it means.

While only post-op reviews are eligible for the Verified Purchase badge, patients who post pre-op reviews will be nudged to update them—including verifying their purchase—after they’ve had the procedure.

Our team designed Verified Purchases to add more context and trust to reviews without introducing friction to the normal review process.

  • Adding reviews is just as easy for patients. It’s as straightforward for patients to post non-Verified Purchase reviews now as it was before. That part of the process hasn’t changed, so purchase verification won’t interrupt the flow and volume of doctor reviews. Read: Now’s a Good Time to Beef Up Your Online Reviews.
  • Patients can verify after the fact. Patients have the option to post their review, then add their receipt from their dashboard at another time to identify it as a Verified Purchase.
  • Older reviews are eligible. Patient reviews that predate the launch of Verified Purchase reviews can also get the badge. RealSelf will be reaching out to patients who have published post-procedure reviews within the last five months to prompt those patients to submit receipts.

While Verified Badges will remain on patient reviews even if they close their account, RealSelf will honor patients’ requests to remove the badge from their profile.

Verified Purchases are another explicit signal of trust and transparency that will elevate the overall RealSelf experience for consumers. If you have any questions about Verified Purchases, reach out to your RealSelf Advisor.