Practice Playbook: Dr. Ramsen Azizi’s Strategic Marketing Investments

Practice Playbook: Dr. Ramsen Azizi’s Strategic Marketing Investments

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What does it take to get a return on your investment in RealSelf? In this series, we’ll walk you through the approaches your peers have taken in order to get peak performance from their profiles.

Playbook highlights:
  • Dr. Azizi writes thoughtful answers to consumer questions on RealSelf. “When they come see you, then your conversion rate is higher with these patients because they know you,” he says.

  • He invests in sending even more users to his profile—and protects that investment by ensuring his profile has recent review and photo content.

  • He leverages his RealSelf Advisor. A lot. His Advisor’s recommendations, he says, have consistently “worked and worked really well.”

  • Dr. Azizi’s approach to RealSelf is what drives a strong 90% consult-to-surgery rate for leads he receives from the platform.

Dr. Ramsen Azizi

Dr. Ramsen Azizi built his practice on RealSelf by collaborating closely with his RealSelf Advisor and making smart, tactical investments in promoting his profile with additional advertising.

Heeding expert advice and amplifying his profile resulted in amazing lead quality and a super-high return on investment: Dr. Azizi achieved a 90% consult-to-surgery rate, 50% higher than the industry standard.

RealSelf Profile By the Numbers
  • Specialty: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Years in practice: 4
  • Joined RealSelf (sponsor): 2 years
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Patient reviews: 138
  • Star rating: ✭✭✭✭✭
  • B&A photos: 104
  • Answers: 67

“RealSelf has the highest volume and quality of leads versus my website, Instagram, or any other marketing medium.”

Dr. Azizi found success on RealSelf by focusing on building up his profile to make the most of his investment in the platform. This ensured the consumers he drove to his profile had access to the content they needed to make an informed decision about connecting—helping to drive his outstanding conversion rates.

Dr. Azizi’s Marketing Philosophy: INVEST

When Dr. Azizi started his solo private practice in the competitive Chicago market, he knew that marketing would be crucial to building his business. Here’s how he spent his time and money to build a bustling practice—one where 9 in 10 consults turn into patients.

He picked the right platform. RealSelf was the best place for Dr. Azizi to focus time and money for one simple reason: it’s the destination aesthetic consumers who are considering surgery consistently visit at scale. “You need people to see your reviews, profile, and photos all in one place,” he said. “RealSelf users are doing research, they’re self-selecting, and they’re serious.”

Having his Instagram account embedded on his profile—a feature exclusive to RealSelf Network Doctors like himself—is especially powerful. “RealSelf allows for proper clinical before-and-after photos, but connecting Instagram works synergistically because patients can see on-table photos and patient selfies—as well as posts that reveal my personality. All of that content helps educate the patient better when combined with RealSelf photos and reviews,” Dr. Azizi said

The result? “They convert at a higher rate. I think that’s why RealSelf continues to have the highest conversion rate—it beats Instagram and even my own website.”

He built a strong digital stand-in. Understanding that every consumer touchpoint matters inspired Dr. Azizi to publish thorough, often paragraphs-long answers to their questions on RealSelf. These answers stand in for Dr. Azizi before he’s able to personally interact with patients, leaving potential patients “feeling good early on” in their journey. “When they come see you, then your conversion rate is higher with these patients because they know you,” he told us.

“Think of investing in [additional visibility] as creating a multiplier effect for your profile content.”

He invested money to drive more visibility to a strong profile. The key to getting a return on boosting your profile, Dr. Azizi said, is to make sure your profile is on point so that you’re putting your best foot forward when you drive consumers there.

“Think of investing in [additional visibility] as creating a multiplier effect for your profile content,” he said. Adding that multiplier to a neglected profile is the same arithmetic as multiplying anything by zero: you’ll get nothing in return.

By contrast, Dr. Azizi said amplifying a strong profile will almost invariably yield a return. “That multiplier effect of investing money in your profile is like a spark to a fire—the return on investment becomes much bigger,” he observed. “The people who come through RealSelf contact forms convert at a higher rate than any other site for me.”

One Big Idea: Trusted advising

Dr. Azizi discovered a cheat code, of sorts, for maximizing his success on RealSelf: he gets the expert, inside track with his RealSelf Advisor. Their monthly strategy call has been a mother lode of insight. Among his wins:

“I set up a monthly call with my RealSelf Advisor. He’s always got good information for me.”

Ground floor access to the best new tactics. “Whenever RealSelf comes out with something new, they’re invested in trying to make it work for doctors.” Dr. Azizi reports that his Advisor’s recommendations consistently “worked and worked really well.” They ranged from tweaking his profile to driving even more profile traffic to consumers interested in his top procedures, which increased Dr. Azizi’s inquiry volume from an already-high 20 per month to 20 in a weekend.

An opportunity to dig into the numbers. Tracking numbers is key to his ongoing success, but when things are going gangbusters at his practice, Dr. Azizi has less time to do it himself. “Sometimes things get too busy with operating and running a practice to look over the stats and data of my RealSelf profile. This is where setting a monthly quick call with my Advisor to go over the nitty gritty of the numbers helps to know what to tweak or do more or less of.”

One Crisp Takeaway

Getting the maximum results from RealSelf is not a spectator sport, but resources like your RealSelf Advisor can help you invest time and money in the right tactics, like building a great profile and strategically amplifying it with relevant consumers. These tactics help you get much more out of RealSelf than you put in.