Practice Playbook: Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Practice Playbook: Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

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Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, known to his patients as Dr. Yannis, has attracted aesthetic clientele from across the globe to 111 Harley St., his London-based clinic and the hub of his extended family of skincare products and aesthetic experiences.

His keys to building the world-renowned aesthetic business that celebrates its 20th-year anniversary this year? Innovation, customization, and reputation.

“Patients generally move forward with us due to the clinic’s 20-year reputation and the natural-looking results we achieve,” says Dr. Yannis. His clinic offers a broad spectrum of both surgical and non-surgical procedures, with international patients particularly drawn to his facial procedures: rhinoplasties and facelifts, with an emphasis on Dr. Yannis’s signature Y-facelift procedure.

Dr. Yannis’s approach centers patients’ holistic aesthetic experience, offering them a constellation of integrated services that work together to produce the most optimal outcomes. It’s an experience that draws a three-month waiting list of patients from around the world.

RealSelf Profile By the Numbers
  • Specialty: Specialist Registered Plastic Surgeon
  • Years of experience: 24
  • Location: London
  • Patient reviews: 172
  • Star rating: 4.8
  • B&A photos: 456
  • Answers: 1,184

Dr. Yannis’s Marketing Philosophy: HOLISTIC BEAUTY

“It was vital to us to create a clinic that truly creates a space of holistic, 360-degree care for our patients.”

More than just surgery. Dr. Yannis advocates and offers non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures to his clients, recommending surgery as the last resort if he determines that an alternative course can address patients’ concerns after seeing them for a consultation.

His offerings reflect that holistic and bespoke approach. Dr. Yannis’s patients can enjoy his signature 111Facials; avail themselves of his in-house, medical-grade line of 111Skin products; and undergo treatments at 111CRYO, the first full-body, non-nitrogen cryotherapy chamber in the UK.

He has also invested in the most state-of-the-art devices available on the market today, ensuring his 111 Harley St. patients have access to the most advanced aesthetic technology to address their body and facial concerns.

These services are also the cornerstone of a comprehensive aftercare offering that optimize patients’ results and healing, creating the best possible outcomes from them and powering stellar reviews and word of mouth.

A smooth experience for international patients. Operations at 111 Harley St. are configured to manage consultations, treatment, and aftercare for the large proportion of out-of-town patients that fly in for surgery from 89 countries around the world each year.

Virtual consultations enable Dr. Yannis to offer one-on-one consultations with international patients. And as the Asian market has grown for his practice, he has assigned two patient coordinators to liaise specifically with patients traveling from Asian countries for treatments.

The clinic also offers a luxury concierge service to manage travel for fly-in patients from all countries. 111 Harley St. had developed relationships with hospitality partners in London to facilitate preferential rates and experiences for their clientele.

Moving word of mouth online. The large representation of international patients at 111 Harley St. patients is proof positive that aesthetic patients will travel to get the outcomes they want.

“Because Dr. Yannis was highly recommended on RealSelf,” said one patient who traveled from the United States to undergo rhinoplasty, “I felt comfortable after my Skype consultation with Dr. Alexandrides to plan my journey to London” for the procedure.


Dr. Yannis pioneered a procedure—the Y-Facelift—that specifically contours the jawline and neck. The procedure resonates in part because it addresses facial concerns that are a product of our time, including the “Zoom boom” of people seeking aesthetic procedures as a result of staring at their faces all day with the increase in remote work arrangements in 2020 and 2021.

Dr. Yannis has also noted that men tend to be more concerned with signs of aging in the neck area before the face and the eyes, making it an attractive procedure to draw in male clientele.

The success of the Y-Facelift demonstrates how keeping an eye on trends, and listening keenly to the specific facial and body concerns patients want to address, can help aesthetic providers to develop and position their services in a way that best resonates with today’s clientele.

One Crisp Takeaway

You can’t be everywhere and talk to everyone as they research procedures. It’s why reviews are such an important stand-in for you and your practice online.

In particular for a practice with global reach like 111 Harley St., creating unparalleled patient experiences that power glowing reviews delivers major ROI—beating a line out of your door that just might extend around the globe.

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