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Practice Playbook: Dr. Tanya Khan is Getting More Eyes on Oculoplastics
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Dr. Tanya Khan gets an “appreciable volume” of monthly leads from RealSelf. She’s using her profile not just to grow her business, but also to showcase her specialty. Here’s how.

Practice Playbook: How Dr. Jae Pak Makes RealSelf Work for His Practice
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RealSelf works for Dr. Jae Pak because he takes specific steps to get the most value from the platform. Here’s how.

Practice Playbook: Learn How Dr. Justin Gusching Started Strong on RealSelf
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Dr. Justin Gusching is a board-certified general surgeon practicing in Georgia who ramped to 20 phone and web inquiries within two months of sponsoring his RealSelf profile. How he did it.

Practice Playbook: How Dr. Jason Emer uses RealSelf to grow his practice
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Dr. Jason Emer is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon in West Hollywood, California who is averaging a 30% conversion rate from his RealSelf web leads. Read his full story.

Practice Playbook: Dr. Ramsen Azizi’s Strategic Marketing Investments
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Dr. Ramsen Azizi built his practice on RealSelf by collaborating closely with his RealSelf Advisor and making smart, tactical investments in promoting his profile with Spotlights.

Education From RealSelf University
Instagram Content Workshop

On this webinar, we bring you fresh data-driven insights for growing your own Instagram presence from the RealSelf social media team and RealSelf Social Index of 5,000 aesthetic Instagram accounts including plastic surgeons, nurse injectors, and med spas.


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Noted Bay Area dermatologist Dr. Sonia Badreshia joins us to share how building a raving fan experience for patients is her top priority, how she found her niche on TV ten years ago, and what the results have been from both earned and paid TV, reaching and attracting patients from six continents, 25 countries, and 49 states.

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[Calculator] Learn how Vivace would impact your practice’s ROI
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Get insights into the consumer market for microneedling treatments in your area, and estimate your potential return from investing in a Vivace device for your practice.

How to Be Authentic On Camera
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An important aspect of making a connection with the viewer is to be yourself and “act natural.” But what does that mean and how can you accomplish it? Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for coming across as authentic and relaxed on video.

6 Scenarios Where You Look Different to Consumers Than You Might Think
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Having a handle on how your actions appear to others can be tough. Here are six instances where you might be surprised at how your actions are being interpreted by consumers.

Is Your Aesthetic Partner Working for You—Or For Themselves?
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Stop playing the volume game with your aesthetic partner, and start asking these four questions instead.