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Practice Playbook: Dr. Camille Cash Gets Real About the Patient Journey
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Dr. Camille Cash connects with patients on RealSelf by reflecting real life on her profile, both in its diversity and by being transparent about what people sign up for when they undergo a procedure.

Practice Playbook: Camp Plastic Surgery Gets Down to Business
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Dr. Steven Camp and his wife, Sara Camp, have been focused on building their business by making bold and thoughtful investments.

Practice Playbook: Dr. Goretti Taghva Builds From Her Strengths
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Dr. Goretti Taghva’s thoughtful and self-aware approach to practice marketing and development helped her achieve success on RealSelf, including doubling her profile views in just six months.

Practice Playbook: Dr. Ramsen Azizi’s Strategic Marketing Investments
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Dr. Ramsen Azizi built his practice on RealSelf by collaborating closely with his RealSelf Advisor and making smart, tactical investments in promoting his profile with Spotlights.

Practice Playbook: Dr. Arian Mowlavi Focuses on a Niche
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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arian Mowlavi believes in focusing on what he wants to be known for and dedicates a significant chunk of his time to advancing this niche.

Education From RealSelf University
Instagram Content Workshop

On this webinar, we bring you fresh data-driven insights for growing your own Instagram presence from the RealSelf social media team and RealSelf Social Index of 5,000 aesthetic Instagram accounts including plastic surgeons, nurse injectors, and med spas.


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Virtual Appointments: We’re Not Closed (Multi-Part Learning Module)

Asking for distance does not mean consumer demand is gone or defeated. This RealSelf University module is full of info that an help you start or scale virtual consultations, including:

  • Virtual Appointments: We’re Not Closed [webinar]
  • Virtual consultation tips from the pros
  • Real doctor-patient virtual consultations
  • & more!


Noted Bay Area dermatologist Dr. Sonia Badreshia joins us to share how building a raving fan experience for patients is her top priority, how she found her niche on TV ten years ago, and what the results have been from both earned and paid TV, reaching and attracting patients from six continents, 25 countries, and 49 states.

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The Power of Proof: Unlocking the Potential of Photos & Reviews
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Learn why photos and reviews have special resonance with consumers, how they move the needle for your business, and a few creative ways you can unlock more of their potential for delivering more patients to your practice. Presented by Sciton.

What’s Hot: Let’s Talk Business [Now On Demand]
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Join RealSelf University on Tuesday, November 10 at 12 noon Pacific to discuss three time-tested business strategies that can expand your patient base and increase your revenue. Supported by Emsculpt Neo.

The 8 Consumer Trends Your Practice Needs to Know Now
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Understanding how consumers are evolving is critical to your practice’s success. Learn the 8 consumer attitudes and expectations that should inform your marketing and treatment offering. Presented by Emsculpt NEO.

New RealSelf Verified Profile Power-Up: Personalized Expertise Modules
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We’ve rolled out a new update that will enhance the RealSelf Verified doctors’ expertise modules in two significant ways.