Rarely Shared Secrets to Getting Reviews and Increasing Conversions

Rarely Shared Secrets to Getting Reviews and Increasing Conversions

650 358 The RealSelf Team

On the first episode of the Hey Seery podcast, and our first-ever RealSelf University crossover episode, RealSelf CEO and Founder Tom Seery interviews practice marketing veteran Eva Sheie about everything inside the world of online reviews, which are critical for helping great doctors do well online.

Find out how to prevent leaving money on the table by learning how to acquire reviews from nearly every patient who comes through the practice, and hear the rarely shared secrets to doubling conversion rates overnight.

You’ll also learn:

  • Tom’s insights into reviews based on his own experience being publicly reviewed as CEO of RealSelf
  • A data-driven way to figure out where to send your patients to leave reviews
  • Ways that publishing sought-after information, like pricing, online can free your staff to field higher-level questions from consumers and move them closer to booking
  • Why tracking conversions and testing your marketing strategies are the key to turning more consumers into booked patients
  • The one data point that is absolutely crucial to think about when evaluating the success of your online marketing
  • A winning formula for asking patients for reviews that has increased practices’ reviews by 40% in one month

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