RealSelf 100 List Honors Top Social Influencers in Cosmetic Medicine

RealSelf 100 List Honors Top Social Influencers in Cosmetic Medicine

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You don’t need to be a student of consumer psychology to know that cosmetic surgery is not what you’d call an impulse purchase. In fact, 50% of consumers seeking a cosmetic procedure research their options online for over a year, with one in five researching for over three years.

That’s a whole lot of time in which socially savvy doctors can share their expertise, counter alternative sources of misinformation and help aesthetic consumers build the confidence they need to know they’re making an informed decision. Doctors who take the time to do so are truly social media influencers and they deserve kudos for their efforts.

Enter the RealSelf 100, which honors the top 100 most influential cosmetic medicine doctors in social media. The award is granted to doctors who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to patient education by helping millions of consumers get access to reliable, expert information about cosmetic procedures, treatments and aesthetic concerns.

In 2013, these 100 doctors collectively impacted tens of millions of consumers, with nearly 20% of our total site views centered on helpful answers and information posted by this relatively small group of social influencers, said Tom Seery, Founder/CEO of RealSelf.

The award is based on these doctors’ enduring willingness to respond to consumer questions and openly encourage patient feedback. Between their expert answers to individual consumers and reviews that go beyond simple star ratings, their expertise is also made accessible to millions of other aesthetic consumers conducting their own research.

That, of course, is the true power of social media and the benefits accrue not just to consumers but also to the doctors who embrace it. As Seery says,

Doctors who spend valuable time to engage at this level know that social media is a powerful tool as they work to build authentic, meaningful brands online, and a connection with patients before they visit the practice.

In other words, being a social media influencer can have a positive influence on your practice, as well.

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Doctor Takeaway

Be present, helpful and encouraging and influence will follow

The RealSelf 100 represent just 1.6% of the 6,000 board-certified members of the RealSelf doctor community yet they play a significant role in the 4.5 million unique monthly visits to the website. As such, they gain exposure to potential patients both locally and globally, building their reputations in a trusted community environment and laying the foundation for connections they probably couldn’t make any other way.

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