RealSelf Buzz Index: Interest in Male Tummy Tucks Is on the Rise

RealSelf Buzz Index: Interest in Male Tummy Tucks Is on the Rise

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Tummy tucks — they’re not just for women anymore.

They never were, of course, but according to the RealSelf Buzz Index, they’re becoming an  increasingly hot topic among men, as well. Whether it’s the result of extreme weight loss or frequent close-ups of Olympic athletes like Ryan Lochte and David Boudia, doctors shouldn’t be surprised to see more men coming in for ab-oriented consults.

The Buzz Index is a weekly analysis that compares the number of questions, comments and new reviews posted on RealSelf over the last 28 days relative to the last three months. With 100 representing a normal amount of discussion, higher scores mean increased interest and more buzz.

A high Buzz Index means people are asking questions and talking back and forth, says Alicia Nakamoto, vice president of community and marketing. It’s a good indicator of what’s coming down the pike.

And male tummy tucks are clearly buzzing. For the week ending Aug. 9, the Buzz Index for the procedure was 219, 119% above the baseline and second only to Fraxel Repair at 231.

That’s a lot of buzz — and with a 95% Worth It Rating among men who have undergone the procedure, it’s likely to continue.

Doctor Takeaways

1. Be cognizant that men shop differently than women

As researchers at Wharton once put it, when it comes to shopping, women are from Nordstrom, men are from Sears. When it comes to researching and ultimately purchasing cosmetic procedures, a discussion of practical matters — costs, benefits, recovery times, etc. — will likely resonate more than emotional or aspirational ones.

2. Be aware that men are also social shoppers

According to a March Men’s Health study, 56% of men read online reviews before making a purchase and 44% tell friends when they’ve learned something positive online about brands and products. Coupled with Takeaway No. 1, they’re likely to respond favorably to concise, fact-based answers from doctors via social media.

3. Be prepared for male-specific questions

Among the questions posted on the RealSelf Male Tummy Tuck page: Will a Full Tummy Tuck Ruin Upper Abs Definition in a Male and How Will Appearance of Penis Size Be Affected after Tummy Tuck? Male tummy tucks may still represent a small fraction of total abdominoplasty procedures — 4% last year, according to ASPS — but, as Nakamoto says, “awareness is on the rise. People are doing their research.”

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