RealSelf Premier: As Competitive As You Want to Be

12+ benefits exclusively for invested providers on RealSelf

RealSelf Premier: As Competitive As You Want to Be

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What is RealSelf Premier?

While your practice’s work speaks for itself, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help reaching the 10 million consumers who visit RealSelf each month. That’s why we created RealSelf Premier.

With RealSelf Premier, the most invested providers on RealSelf get the most advantages for connecting with consumers. Exclusive media opportunities. Access to consumer trends. And even personalized services to save you time using RealSelf. In fact, each RealSelf Premier benefit was created so you can be as competitive as you want on the world’s largest aesthetic website.

How does RealSelf Premier work?

RealSelf Premier offers the most benefits for the most invested providers on our site. The more you invest in RealSelf Spotlights and ConnectLocal to connect with local consumers, the more competitive advantages you get from RealSelf Premier. Based on what leading providers like you told us help most, each benefit helps you save time, access more data, or connect with more consumers.

With three levels of RealSelf Premier, you can choose which is best for your practice’s goals:

  1. Premier status – The full suite of advantages, including complete competitive insights and exclusive media opportunities.
  2. Preferred status – A comprehensive selection of advantages, including limited competitive insights and profile update assistance.
  3. Performance status – A limited set of advantages, including quarterly individual performance reports.

What data-based benefits are included?

Our data scientists analyze millions of data points to deliver deep insights into your RealSelf presence, potential patients, and competitors.

Personalized engagement plans (Performance, Preferred, Premier)

Get more consumer contacts by following these data-driven action items delivered right to your inbox.

Quarterly results reports (Performance, Preferred, Premier)

Track progress on your RealSelf Spotlights, special offers, and consumer engagement efforts.

Local competitive benchmarking (Preferred, Premier)

See how you compare to local competitors. Premier status providers receive the most data, including exclusive rankings that include specific competitors.

Semiannual consumer trends reports (Preferred, Premier)

Gain valuable insights into potential patients near you, so you can adjust your business and marketing strategies.

What consumer exposure benefits are included?

Access to advanced RealSelf features (Performance, Preferred, Premier)

Receive additional RealSelf Spotlight exposure, including unlimited content, visibility on our site, and traffic to your own website.

Priority access to media opportunities (Premier)

Be among the first providers considered whenever opportunities arise to feature practices in local or national media.

Priority access to social media exposure (Premier)

Make the shortlist when RealSelf mentions providers to our 16,000+ Instagram followers, 21,000+ Facebook followers, and 13,700+ Twitter followers.

Advertising in RealSelf newsletters (Premier)

Raise your profile with highly engaged local consumers through appearances in the popular RealSelf newsletter.

Book of reviews for your office (Premier)

Showcase your reviews on RealSelf with a printed book for your waiting or consult room.

What time-saving benefits are included?

Designated RealSelf Advocate (Performance, Preferred, Premier)

Receive marketing assistance from your RealSelf Advocate, who tailors recommendations to your practice’s marketing goals.

Profile consultations & assistance (Performance, Preferred, Premier)

Enhance your profile with proven best practices. Save time by letting us add cover photos, update your treatment list, and set up special offers. Consultations occur on a monthly (Premier status), quarterly (Preferred status), or annual (Performance status) basis.

Before & after photo upload service (Performance, Preferred, Premier)

Premier status providers receive up to ten sets of before & after photos uploaded for free each month. Providers with Preferred or Performance status can pay a $95 convenience fee for up to 50 sets of before & after photos.

Priority escalation & response (Premier)

Go straight to the front of the line if you ever have an issue with your RealSelf Profile/Business Page or RealSelf Spotlights.

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