TouchMD and RealSelf Partnership Opens the Floodgates to More Patient Reviews

TouchMD and RealSelf Partnership Opens the Floodgates to More Patient Reviews

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Reviews up 335% in 3 months for the initial pilot practice.

70% of people will go on to leave a review when asked to do so, but busy practices aren’t always set up to make this easy. As a result, they end up having far less reviews than the number of patients they actually care for. The challenge that doctors and staff face when asking for reviews is that many patients agree to write them but forget to actually do so once they return home.

Removing the friction from this process for patients opens the review floodgates for practices—that’s why enabling patients to write reviews directly inside TouchMD while they’re still in the office, and reminding them later in the TouchMD patient app, solves the review acquisition problem beautifully. When paired with our five best practices for asking for reviews, this integration can leave once-bereft practices swimming in reviews—a huge win for attracting new patients.

How the Integration Works

Just ask Dr. Eugene Nowak of Nowak Aesthetics, who participated in the integration’s pilot program. Dr. Nowak reported that the TouchMD/RealSelf combo had an immediate positive impact on review volume, increasing his practice’s total number of reviews by a whopping 335%.

Missing opportunities to get reviews because well-meaning patients fail to “get around” to actually submitting them, “is something we’ve struggled with in the practice,” said Dr. Nowak. “We’ve created little postcards that you give the patient to go home, and people will come back and say ‘Yeah, I have the card, I’m still thinking about it.’”

Karson Smith (TouchMD) and Eva Sheie (RealSelf) discuss the integration

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The TouchMD integration made it much easier to ask RealSelf patients to share their experiences inside an interface they’re already using, without having to send them through an additional process. Patients can simply enter their reviews directly into TouchMD, and the integration does the rest.

“Now, right through the application, we can utilize the RealSelf reviews in realtime,” reports Dr. Nowak.

To help RealSelf practitioners utilize the new integration, TouchMD provides detailed instructions on how to create RealSelf review sections, or “widgets,” in the platform, establishing an easy portal for patients to read reviews left by others and submit their own.

“We’ve only had this recently, but this week we will probably be able to double the number of reviews that we have,” said Dr. Nowak, early into the pilot program.

Indeed, the impressive results continued, with the total number of reviews of Dr. Nowak’s practice growing from 56 to 244 in only three months.

“It’s just going to continue to grow,” he predicted. “Super powerful.”

If you already use TouchMD and would like to activate the RealSelf integration, you can find out more information and instructions by clicking here. If you are interested in learning more about TouchMD or would like to request a demo, complete the form here.

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