RealSelf TV Takes Video Marketing to the Next Level

RealSelf TV Takes Video Marketing to the Next Level

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Video may have killed the radio star but smart marketers know it’s a great way to breathe new life into their efforts to reach consumers. Now, with the launch of RealSelf TV, cosmetic surgeons and other aesthetic professionals have the opportunity to take their own marketing efforts to the next level.

Simply put, video not only represents the future of the Internet — according to Cisco Systems, 90% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2015 — it’s also rapidly proving to be an invaluable tool for doctors who want to stay ahead of the competition.

Think about it: Today’s consumer can discover your practice in many ways — advertising, social media, search engines and good old word of mouth — but what really gives her the impetus (and courage) to take the next step and set up a cosmetic appointment?

Today’s patient strives to be informed and to gain a feeling of a personal connection with you, says Tom Seery, CEO of, and video featuring your expert insights is a proven way to address these needs.

The fact is most people prefer to learn visually, especially when being educated about complex concepts associated with aesthetic medicine, and video is more personal, engaging, and impactful than other media. It is, as B.J. Fogg of Stanford says, “a highly effective persuasion technology.”

RealSelf TV incorporates all of the above to deliver the information that millions of RealSelf site visitors are looking for, while actively building trust in doctors, products and services. Our mission is to break through the noise and give medical experts, consumers, and industry a platform to deliver information that makes a difference in people’s lives.

To that end, we’ve taken an approach that not only aligns with what prospective patients want but that also provides an effective counterpoint to the chaotic cacophony of YouTube. RealSelf TV videos are educational (vs. self-promotional), feature high production values and are always free from digital enhancements like airbrushing. They can be easily embedded on your own website, and there are no suggestions of other doctors’ content at the conclusion of the video.

Forward-thinking doctors appear to share our view that video is a powerful educational marketing format. The “core four” doctor community on RealSelf has already submitted 6,000 videos to be considered for RealSelf TV, to display on their profile, as well as for placement on popular site topics. And in the first week of launching a video channel, website visitors viewed over 34,000 minutes of video.

As we said at the top, video is the future of the Internet and, here at RealSelf, we’re excited to help aesthetic professionals get the most out of the technology. Check back here regularly as we explore the exciting and rapidly evolving world of videography and explore how you can use it to educate consumers, build trust and encourage them to reach out to learn more about your practice.

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