Spotlight Case Study: Dr. Ron Shelton

Getting Up to $250k in Annual Revenue from RealSelf

Spotlight Case Study: Dr. Ron Shelton

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Getting Up to $250k in Annual Revenue from RealSelf.

With RealSelf, Dr. Ronald Shelton accomplishes two of his passions: educating patients, and growing his New York City practice. He answers consumer questions on RealSelf and gets new reviews to highlight what makes him different. And to make sure local consumers take notice, he uses RealSelf Spotlights to gives him guaranteed visibility on RealSelf. Altogether, that makes it easy for potential patients to find, research, and contact Dr. Shelton all in one place.

By spending just 1 or 2 hours per week on RealSelf activities, Dr. Shelton gets:

  • Local consumers to his website – RealSelf drives 53% of his referral traffic.
  • Consults that convert – 90% of his consults from RealSelf book a procedure.
  • Money in the bank – Up to $250k in annual revenue from patients on RealSelf.

Want more from your marketing spend too?

By Spotlighting treatments you offer, you get guaranteed local visibility on hundreds of pages across Contact your RealSelf Advisor or Advocate to learn more about growing your practice with RealSelf Spotlights.