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Dr. Richard Gentile: Why I Use RealSelf

    RealSelf has become the go-to source for Dr. Richard Gentile to promote the specialized services he and his team provides at Youngstown Facial Plastic Surgery in Boardman, OH.…

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Dr. Sam Lam: Why I Use RealSelf

    Dr. Sam Lam of Lam Institute for Hair Restoration in Dallas, TX, values the authenticity of the RealSelf platform in exchanging ideas between patients and providers. He views it…

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Dr. Sapna Patel: Why I Use RealSelf

    For Dr. Sapna Patel of The Larrabee Center for Plastic Surgery in Seattle, RealSelf gives her an easy way to help with the business side of her practice so…

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RealSelf Premier: As Competitive As You Want to Be

What is RealSelf Premier? While your practice’s work speaks for itself, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help reaching the 10 million consumers who visit RealSelf each month.…

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Spotlight on Dr. Spotlight

  Not all online advertising is created equal. RealSelf Dr. Spotlight offers a targeted approach to specific treatments by allowing providers to market just what they want to who they…