Six Ways to Talk to the RealSelf Team in 2020

Six Ways to Talk to the RealSelf Team in 2020

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We know we can’t do this without you.

We have a ton of smart and invested people on our team. They bring the expertise and commitment that is the driving force behind the best things we’ve built at RealSelf.

But we also know that ingesting feedback from providers is essential for continuing to create the best possible RealSelf for providers and consumers alike. I can hardly think of a conversation I’ve had with a provider that hasn’t sparked an idea or awakened me to an opportunity.

RealSelf is approaching our first full year since our inaugural RealSelf Advisory Board met in Seattle, and elevating the voices of the doctors on our board—giving them an official seat at the table—has made a dramatic difference. This has not been a rubber stamp ad board. They have been frank and tough, they’ve challenged us where it counts, and they’ve pushed us to execute bold ideas when they were the right thing to do.

The doctors on the RealSelf Advisory Board have been frank and tough, they’ve challenged us where it counts, and they’ve pushed us to execute bold ideas when they were the right thing to do.

There are only a dozen seats on that board, but participation there is not the only way to be heard and taken seriously. It’s super important to us that we give you authentic opportunities to influence what we do. I am listening, so if you feel motivated to tell me what you’d like to see from RealSelf this year, leave a comment on this page or send an email to Here are six other ways you can talk back to our team throughout the new year.

1. Come See Us At Association Meetings

In 2020, we’re going to once again have a presence on the exhibition floor at three key society conferences: ASAPS, VCS, and ASPS.

These conferences are great opportunities for you to talk to us face-to-face, but this year we’re adding new programming to our conference roster specifically designed to get tough feedback. Our “perception” workshop sessions will be designed to get you talking to us—in particular about aspects of RealSelf you want to see change.

2. Join Us For Dinner In Your Town

During our summer meeting, we heard from RealSelf Advisory Board members that they wanted to see us host a traveling series of small group dinners to help our provider community get to know us in intimate settings on their home turf.

It was an inspired idea, so we’re going to try it. We’re launching that series next year, just a handful to start. And we’re going to shake things up with this format, so it won’t be your typical projector-and-rubbery-chicken affair. Instead, it’ll be a fun and interactive event that takes attendees deep inside of our unique insights into the modern beauty consumer. Stay on the lookout for whether one of those dinners will be in your town.

3. Meet Us at House of Modern Beauty

We’ve just wrapped up our third House of Modern Beauty, this one in New York, and it was once again an incredible event that got a huge thumbs up from consumers and providers. In addition to bringing House of Modern Beauty back to SXSW, where we launched it in 2019, we’re bringing it to a host of other exciting events and locales throughout 2020.

In addition to the weekend-long consumer-facing event, there are built-in opportunities for providers to interact with the RealSelf team, local influencers, media, and brands. These moments are intentionally designed to promote an exchange of ideas among that cross-section of aesthetic industry actors, and the mix of participants can produce some fascinating conversations.

The public House of Modern Beauty event is also a prime opportunity for providers to see hundreds of consumers interact with the aesthetics world in a single setting—a fascinating vantage point that isn’t easy to come by.

4. Suggest a Topic for Hey Seery

Our CEO, Tom Seery, just launched a content series—the eponymous Hey Seery—and as you may be able to tell from the title, the central theme of the series is the interaction and conversation among Tom, his guests, and our aesthetic provider community.

Tom’s focus in his newsletter and videos is not on being an author himself, but instead on curating insights, convening conversations, and providing context about why those insights and conversations really matter to providers. Those conversation topics are based in large part on the questions our provider community asks us directly. It’s a chance to hear from Tom and other thought leaders about critical issues affecting the aesthetics world.

If you haven’t gotten the newsletter yet, you can sign up here

5. Listen to Our Podcast—and Perhaps Become a Guest

We recently launched the RealSelf University Podcast. Hosted by Director of Practice Development, Eva Sheie, it’s a destination for fresh data and thought-provoking stories from interesting and successful personalities in aesthetics—both doctors and the people who contribute to their success behind the scenes. Listen to the first batch of podcast episodes here, or find them on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, and Spotify.

If you have feedback about the podcast or want to be a guest in 2020, send an email to

6. Talk to Your Advisor

Your RealSelf Advisor has the experience, knowledge, and training to help you achieve the outcomes we represent to you. In 2020, make a point of using this resource for effective and customized recommendations that can help improve your results. They are your go-to, day-to-day resource for navigating RealSelf.

We count on your voices to help us do the right thing, so it’s lucky for us that our community has never been shy. Our goal in standing up this diverse set of channels for you to talk back to us is to make sure you never miss an opportunity to tell us what you think we should be doing. We all look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas in the new year.

Kelcy Heringer

Since 2015, Kelcy Heringer has overseen marketing at RealSelf, the world’s most popular aesthetic treatment website. As Vice President of Marketing, Kelcy guides the strategies that attract and engage the active community of aesthetic providers on RealSelf. Prior to joining RealSelf, Kelcy’s 10 years of experience include medical marketing at Allergan, as well as marketing and product management at Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

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