The Reality of Online Reviews: More Positive than Many Doctors Think

The Reality of Online Reviews: More Positive than Many Doctors Think

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No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “everyone’s a critic.” It’s concise, albeit a bit condescending and, in an era when anyone can post an online review about anything, a fact of business life.

But what’s often overlooked is the fact that it doesn’t mean that everyone is critical. In fact, when it comes to online reviews, most “critics” are more positive than you might think. In fact, as the infographic from DemandForce below shows, 87% of people surveyed said their reviews were positive all or most of the time compared to 2% that were negative most or all of the time. (The other 11% were evenly split.)

So, if they don’t go online to complain or criticize, why do people post reviews? The top three reasons people gave:

  • 90% said it was to help other consumers make good decisions
  • 86% said it was to share experiences on consumer reviews
  • 79% said it was because people rely on consumer reviews and posting reviews is a way of giving back

online reviews

We’ve seen the same trends at The vast majority of patients don’t go online to complain but rather to share their experiences with like-minded people, to seek emotional support from those who have been through the process before them and to provide similar support for others just starting out on their cosmetic surgery research.

Check out some typical RealSelf comments here and you’ll see what we mean. These aren’t gripers and complainers to be shunned. They’re actual patients — and more importantly, potential patients — who would appreciate insights from empathetic, well-informed aesthetic professionals.

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