Video Marketing: Kybella Clips Click with Viewers

Video Marketing: Kybella Clips Click with Viewers

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From beauty magazines to morning news shows, hardly a day goes by without someone touting Kybella as the miracle cure for melting away submental fat. The attendant buzz shouldn’t be surprising, really, as the procedure is still new (and therefore newsworthy); it addresses a pervasive aesthetic concern, and it appeals to the significant number of people who don’t want to undergo surgery.

That also makes it a great subject for video marketing. As previously noted, aesthetic consumers are watching more videos than ever and their interest in and unfamiliarity with Kybella offers an excellent opportunity for doctors to grab their attention. Little wonder, then, that videos about the procedure are among the most-watched clips on RealSelf. And, as the videos below demonstrate, they’re also a great way for doctors to introduce themselves to potential patients:

Watch This Woman’s Kybella Treatment to Dissolve Her Double Chin

Sitting at his desk in a suit and tie, Nissan Pilest, MD, sets a reassuring tone of medical professionalism, an impression the video underscores through the use of official documentation from Kythera and explanatory captions that reiterate key points. Among the latter is one that notes that Pilest is one of the first physicians selected in his area to perform the procedure and one of 350 selected in the entire country, an excellent differentiator in a competitive market.

Kybella 101: Learn About the Treatment and Watch This RealSelf Member’s Procedure


While the media is quick to tout the latest “miracle cure,” Jennifer Reichel, MD, takes a more authentic, less-hype-driven approach, noting that Kybella is so new that both patients and providers are “excited to see what the reality of it is.” The video underscores that shared experience by interspersing insights from Reichel and a patient before, during, and after their first session together. The “Kybella 101” in the title is also smart marketing as numbers-based titles tend to attract more clicks.

Alexa Gets Kybella for Her Double Chin


This video from is proof positive that enthusiasm is contagious. Sheila S. Nazarian, MD, is clearly excited to share the news about Kybella, an engaging approach that’s echoed by the video’s upbeat background music and creative use of camera movement. She wraps things up by addressing potential patients’ interest in alternatives (Kybella vs. lipo) and offering a strictly non-promotional recommendation that viewers meet with a “board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options.”

Doctor Takeaway

New products and procedures make excellent subjects for video marketing

Combine a new product, lots of media coverage, and a procedure that allows patients to avoid surgery and you’ve got the script for a video that’s likely to click with aesthetic consumers. Actually, make that videos, as multiple Kybella sessions set the stage for an ongoing series demonstrating the results over time. And, as the above clips demonstrate, video is also a great way to showcase your personal style and practice philosophy.

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