Video Marketing Tip: Promote Your Practice with Real Stories from Real Patients

Video Marketing Tip: Promote Your Practice with Real Stories from Real Patients

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In an era when the vast majority of consumers conduct extensive online research before they ever reach out to a business, it’s a fundamental law of marketing that you have to share your expertise in ways that engage people early in their decision journeys. And, as RealSelf data consistently shows, video is an incredibly effective way to do so.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. In fact, as some of the most-viewed videos on RealSelf demonstrate, letting patients do the talking can speak volumes about your practice, your approach, and the results you provide. After all, if you rave about your work, it’s bound to sound like bragging but if your patients do it, it’s like an online review complete with sound, action, and a compelling storyline. As the videos below show, real stories from real patients can have a really powerful impact:

What’s CoolSculpting Feel Like?

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You can put on a suit or lab coat, explain the technical aspects of a treatment, and showcase its results with before and after images but sometimes potential patients just want to know what their procedure is going to feel like — and there’s no better way than having an actual patient walk them through it. New York–based dermatological surgeon Lisa Airan, MD, does exactly that by having one of her patients talk directly to the camera in the middle of a CoolSculpting session, allowing viewers to “experience” it themselves.

This Woman Turned 60 and Got Ultherapy — What’s She Think?

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Speaking of talking directly to the camera, consider this video from dermatological surgeon Marguerite A. Germain, MD, of Charleston, S.C. Although not exclusively a “let the patient tell the story” clip, it incorporates a patient’s Ultherapy treatment and post-procedure thoughts on-camera into a news segment Germain conducted with a local TV station. The combination is a great example of repurposing content for multiple distribution channels, demonstrating authority and thought leadership, and gaining exposure along the way.

Fat Transfer for Liposuction Deformities: 42-Year-Old Julie Tells Her Story With Before & After Photos

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Research shows that aesthetic consumers consider before and after images a top priority in choosing a provider. Combine them with the visual power of video and you’ve got a script for compelling viewing. For example, this video from Detroit plastic surgeon Melek Kayser, MD is essentially before and after footage; however, with the patient sharing her story in a voiceover, viewers not only see the results but also get a sense of what those results really mean: “When I saw my legs for the first time after that fat-grafting procedure, I cried,” says the patient. “The results far exceeded my expectations… I’m just amazed.”

Silhouettplasty (Part 4): Jacquelyn Shares her Experience and Results With Before & After Photos

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As thousands of stories on RealSelf will attest, pursuing a specific procedure is often one step in a much longer journey toward better health, increased confidence, and a more fulfilling life. For such patients, it is indeed a journey, a fact that’s front in center in this heartfelt video from Honolulu plastic surgeon Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS. For those who want to know more, there are three previous “chapters” but even as a standalone video, this 1:55 clip is a powerful testimonial to the transformative power of aesthetic medicine.

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