Video Marketing: Want More Views? Try a Unique Approach

Video Marketing: Want More Views? Try a Unique Approach

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Engaging, ubiquitous, and easier than ever to produce — is it any wonder that videos are essentially taking over online? Consider a few findings from Cisco’s latest forecast for online video content:

  • Annual global IP traffic will surpass the zettabyte (ZB, or 1,000 exabytes) threshold in 2016 and will reach 2.3 ZB by 2020.
  • Video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020, up from 70% in 2015.
  • By 2020, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the network every second.

That’s a heckuva lot of video, which, alas, brings with it a distinct downside: The more videos potential patients have to choose from, the harder it is for them find and watch yours. And, make no mistake, aesthetic consumers love to watch videos.

So, how do you get them to find yours? There are many ways to improve the odds — this video, “4 Tips to Video Victory,” from RealSelf University is an excellent tutorial — but when it comes to specific content, the best way to avoid getting lost in the crowd is take a unique approach. In other words, if you want to differentiate yourself, make like Apple’s iconic “Think Different” ad.

Each of the following doctors, for example, has taken a unique approach to a common aesthetic concern — and racked up an impressive number of views along the way:

Tummy Tuck Surgical Markings: Here’s What They Mean

Not every patient considering a major surgery wants to watch an actual procedure unfold on the screen of their computer or mobile device, a preference plastic surgeon Mark Pinsky, MD, of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., respects by drawing surgical markings on a woman’s abdomen to describe what happens during a tummy tuck. As he does, he talks directly to the camera, addressing concerns (incision visibility) and motivations (stretching after childbirth) that many viewers will relate to. The video also includes supporting visuals, including a few before and after images and a brief clip of him in the OR that ties it back to his work without being self-promotional.

Total Vaginal Rejuvenation Explained With Play-Doh

Speaking of not wanting to watch an actual procedure, this video from Tijuana plastic surgeon Carlos Castañeda, MD, takes a unique and clever approach to what, for many patients, is one of the most personal and private subjects in aesthetic medicine: vaginal rejuvenation. At his desk in a tie and lab coat, he exudes serious professionalism before the scene shifts to a close-up of a Play-Doh model on which he demonstrates what happens during vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures. The takeaway? Keep viewer anxiety to a minimum, and they’re more likely to keep watching.

See What Happens When the Doctor Cuts Into This Silicone Implant

Women considering breast augmentation are concerned about a lot more than how they’ll look in a bikini. In fact, according to RealSelf data, safety is their biggest concern, with rupturing implants high on the list. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Joubin Gabbay, MD, addresses the issue directly when he opens his video by saying, “My patients often ask what happens if a silicone implant ruptures?” After explaining how newer-generation implants have made ruptures less common, he backs it up with a simple but effective visual. He nicks an implant and even cuts out a section of it, showing viewers how no silicone leaks out even under pressure.

Breast Augmentation: See How 3-D Breast Animations Can Help You Decide

Beyond patient education and good exposure for a practice, the best videos enable viewers to see themselves in what they’re viewing. This video from Detroit plastic surgeon Melek Kayser, MD, takes that to another level by having Christi, a potential patient, look at a simulation of her proposed breast augmentation via 3-D goggles and showing the results as if the viewer herself is looking through them. Throughout the video, Kayser emphasizes that decisions about size, shape, etc., are hers to make, and a short, post-surgery testimonial makes it clear she’s happy with her decision: “I love them,” she says. “They’re perfect, they’re beautiful.”

Doctor Takeaway

Videos that stand out from the crowd get noticed

From news outlets to social media, the internet is rapidly becoming a video-driven medium. In fact, there’s so much available that the real challenge is getting seen. As the above videos demonstrate, one way to get noticed is to forgo the same-old, same-old and consider a different approach. It’s always important to convey professionalism, of course, but sometimes a less-serious style can make a bigger impression, generate more views, and lead to more conversions.

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