Video: Your Success is Our Success

Video: Your Success is Our Success

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Of course, every team at RealSelf prioritizes the success of the consumers and practices who use our platform. But I lead a team that is unique in their single-mindedness about helping practices reach their goals—so much so that “Customer Success” is in our name.

In the video above, you’ll meet me and a few members of the Customer Success team. We are your secret weapon for making the most of your RealSelf profile and leveraging our technology to help you connect with aesthetics consumers. The Customer Success team helps practices take targeted, customized actions on RealSelf that align with their specific objectives. Our work is about helping you be as successful as possible with our wide array of features.

The Customer Success team was a direct response to feedback from our practice community. You told us that you wanted to know how RealSelf could be easier to use, and the specific actions you should take to get the most from the platform. Our product philosophy is to create tools that are easy to use but can yield powerful results, and the product and engineering teams here are hard at work creating exciting new tools that embody that approach. Consider my team an additional resource that can help you take your RealSelf profile to the next level: they are talented professionals who are experts on the platform and relentless about helping you realize the greatest value from your time spent on RealSelf.

Watch the video to learn more about what our team is up to and how you can work with us. I’m already thinking about how we’ll evolve our services in the coming year, and I’d love your feedback. Reach out to me at with your ideas.

– Maureen

Maureen Ezekwugo

As Chief Customer Officer for RealSelf, Maureen Ezekwugo works to enhance the quality of doctors’ experience with RealSelf’s community of aesthetic consumers.

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