Virtual Appointments: We’re Not Closed!

Virtual Appointments: We’re Not Closed!

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Yes, it’s possible to be open even if your physical office is temporarily closed.

This period of social distancing does not mean that consumer demand for aesthetic procedures has evaporated. But it will require some adaptations as their movements are restricted and near-term priorities change.

Some consumers will want to virtually step through parts of your patient flow that they might have previously opted to do in person. Those include the initial intake with a practice manager, informational conversation with a surgeon, and even their full medical consultation.

Many practices already do virtual appointments in limited scenarios, like for out-of-town patients or upon patient request. Others have tried and decided they prefer to keep their processes to in-person encounters because it is more personal and they are better at closing this way.

But the world just changed, so in this context, the virtual appointment is better than no appointment at all.  

In this RealSelf University education series, learn virtual appointment best practices from two podcasts featuring Dr. Johnny Franco, who has been practicing and tweaking his virtual communications for several years. Plus, RealSelf Director of Practice Development, Eva Sheie, provides a 10-minute, three-part overview of key considerations for launching virtual appointments.

Visit RealSelf University to watch, read, and listen to the resources in Virtual Appointments: We’re Not Closed!

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