Watch Now: How to Convert More Inquiries to Patients

Watch Now: How to Convert More Inquiries to Patients

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Want to understand the different types of potential patients out there and how to convert them to consults? Presented by executives at leading medical staffing and practice training company YellowTelescope, this video is a must watch for doctors, care coordinators, and really anyone dedicated to practice growth.

Watch now to learn:

  1. Strategies on how-to convert more inquiries to consultations and more consultations to bookings.
  2. Processes to help to optimize inquiry follow up and ideas to motivate you and your team.
  3. Why you need to rethink internet inquiries – especially if you think “internet inquiries from any source should be as good as your best friend’s sister who already is sold on you.”

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About YellowTelescope

YellowTelescope, and its sister companies, and iScreamSocialMedia, are industry leaders in aesthetic practice growth.  Led by Jon Hoffenberg, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, and Ed Syring III, an industry leading consultant hailing from Wake Forest, YellowTelescope, and iScreamSocialMedia have been named to Inc. Magazine’s “5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in America,” South Florida Business Journal’s “40 Business Leaders Under 40,” “Good to Great Companies” Award Winners, 2 time “50 Fastest Growing Companies in South Florida” and were Finalists for the Miami Chamber of Commerce Technology Company of the Year.  They serve on faculty most years at ASPS, AAFPRS, ASAPS, Vegas Cosmetic Surgery, AACS and Aesthetica. Importantly, they are proud RealSelf Affiliates. To learn more visit or email