[Webinar] How to Get a Patient Review in 5 Minutes or Less. Now With All-New Bonus Material!

[Webinar] How to Get a Patient Review in 5 Minutes or Less. Now With All-New Bonus Material!

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Your prospective patients highly value reviews.

RealSelf frequently surveys people who have reached out to doctors for consultations to learn more about how they make decisions. 78% of those high-intent shoppers said reviews were more influential than your training and certifications (64%) and much more important than the cost (44%). 

That’s why achieving a minimum five reviews and an overall 4+ star rating is one of the key requirements for becoming RealSelf Verified. We set those requirements and thresholds based on the information consumers need to make confident decisions, and it’s clear that reviews are at the top of that list.

Now, how to get and maintain them? There are proven steps for getting more patient reviews. We sourced these steps directly from practices that have been successful at getting a high volume of quality reviews. And for our July webinar we’ve added bonus material you’ve never heard before, including:

  • How to get reviews for treatments that don’t have immediate results (Emsculpt, Botox, CoolSculpting, lip injections, etc.)
  • Cultivating the “unicorn” of reviews—those special reviews that generate leads for years to come
  • Best practices for using email and other software  to generate reviews from past patients
  • A first look at the all new RealSelf/TouchMD reviews integration

More than 1,000 doctors and staff have already learned the winning formula for getting more reviews, and many have used the steps to increase their reviews by up to 70%. 

Watch the recording of the webinar to learn how to get more reviews—and keep them coming.

Hosted by: Eva Sheie, Director of Practice Development, RealSelf

Eva Sheie

A nationally known search-marketing specialist, Eva has an extensive background evaluating and interpreting the behavior of prospective patients in the online aesthetic marketplace. Eva’s focus at RealSelf is to best serve professional providers by giving them the latest tools and information they need to connect with potential patients online. She has appeared as a speaker on this topic at ASPS, ASAPS, AAFPRS, and many other professional meetings.

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