Webinar: Someone Online Hates You

Webinar: Someone Online Hates You

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Watch “Someone Online Hates You: Tips for Managing Negative Reviews” on demand now.

It’s the day rued by any business or service provider: the day they receive the dreaded negative online review. Online reviews for aesthetic providers on RealSelf are overwhelmingly positive, as consumers tell us their primary goal when leaving reviews is to offer praise to their provider or pay forward the helpful reviews they encountered during their own provider search.

But negative reviews do happen, and getting one can be a gut-wrenching experience.

Now here’s the good news: negative reviews can be prevented. And if you do get one, you can transform it into a constructive conversation if you have a plan of action. You’ll even have a prayer of getting your former patient to upgrade their star rating!

During our upcoming RealSelf University webinar, “Someone Online Hates You: Tips for Managing Negative Reviews,” watch as Josh King, General Counsel at RealSelf, offers invaluable advice on how to respond effectively when someone leaves a negative review.

You’ll learn:

  • What can you legally do to get negative reviews removed
  • Tactics for handling a negative review and why the first 24 hours will determine the impact
  • How to avoid violating HIPAA and ethics rules around misleading advertising and patient confidentiality when responding to online feedback
  • Why suing for defamation is the technique of last resort

You don’t want to miss this session. Watch on demand now to get an action plan for dealing with negative reviews! 

Hosted by: Eva Sheie, Director of Practice Development, RealSelf