Webinar: The RealSelf Network—Turning Consumer Confusion Into Confidence

Webinar: The RealSelf Network—Turning Consumer Confusion Into Confidence

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The RealSelf Network: Turning Consumer Confusion Into Confidence,” recorded December 17, 2019 at noon Pacific.

Choosing is confusing for consumers; they often don’t know how to evaluate you when they’re selecting a provider. Doctors have tried to help by highlighting their training and credentials, but the majority of consumers simply don’t know how to interpret those qualifications.

That’s why we built the RealSelf Network. Hear how the Network is transforming and simplifying the way consumers find and choose the doctor that’s right for them, and how being a RealSelf Verified Doctor can get you instant trust from aesthetic consumers.

You’ll learn:

  • How RealSelf Verified doctors are being featured to millions of consumers across RealSelf PR and social media efforts
  • Why 33x more contacts are being delivered to RealSelf Verified Doctors 
  • How to qualify for the RealSelf Network and earn the RealSelf Verified badge


  • Maureen Ezekwugo, Chief Customer Officer, RealSelf
  • Elizabeth Martin, Director of Consumer Experience, RealSelf 
  • Eva Sheie, Director of Practice Development, RealSelf


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