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Now’s a Good Time to Beef Up Your Online Reviews
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You know how important reviews are as consumers search for their doctor, but you’ve probably also found it hard to carve out time to get a good system in place. Here’s what you can do to get more reviews.

5 Things You Can Do Now to Shore Up Your Before-and-After Gallery
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Refresh your photo gallery and put a plan in place to consistently publish great before-and-after photos that help consumers confidently select you as their doctor. Here’s how.

Reopening Your Practice? Here Are 5 Messaging Considerations.
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As the relaxation of stay-at-home orders ramps up, practices are doing the painstaking work of reopening while implementing safety procedures to keep staff and patients protected. What you should keep front of mind to inform your patient outreach.

Beyond Question: Leveraging Q&A to Get More Views and Inquiries
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Answering questions on RealSelf gives consumers the content they crave when visiting your profile. Here’s how to approach questions so that you get the most return on the time you spend answering them.

Reopening: Easing Your Legal Concerns
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RealSelf General Counsel Josh King walks through some of the primary concerns he’s been hearing recently about reopening into the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and offers his thoughts on minimizing the risk.

How Are You Responding?

We’re in this together. Tell us how your practice is adapting in the wake of COVID-19 so that we can share best practices with everyone.

What RealSelf Is Saying to Consumers

Education From RealSelf University
Virtual Appointments: We’re Not Closed (Multi-Part Learning Module)

Asking for distance does not mean consumer demand is gone or defeated. This RealSelf University module is full of info that an help you start or scale virtual consultations, including:

  • Virtual Appointments: We’re Not Closed [webinar]
  • Virtual consultation tips from the pros
  • Real doctor-patient virtual consultations
  • & more!


3 Crisis Marketing Need-to-Knows

For practice leaders and business owners, the rapidly changing situation makes it incredibly challenging to make informed decisions. Learn what you need to know about marketing during a crisis, and get the strategic info you need to futureproof your practice. Watch on demand >

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In an effort to understand what our doctor community is currently contending with, we thought an expert in past disasters might be a useful place to start.

Boca Raton plastic surgeon Jason Pozner, MD returns for a special edition of the RealSelf University Podcast to talk about his experience and lessons learned from unplanned office closures due to hurricanes, extended power outages, and mandated statewide closures.

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[Calculator] Learn how Vivace would impact your practice’s ROI
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Get insights into the consumer market for microneedling treatments in your area, and estimate your potential return from investing in a Vivace device for your practice.

How to Be Authentic On Camera
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An important aspect of making a connection with the viewer is to be yourself and “act natural.” But what does that mean and how can you accomplish it? Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for coming across as authentic and relaxed on video.

6 Scenarios Where You Look Different to Consumers Than You Might Think
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Having a handle on how your actions appear to others can be tough. Here are six instances where you might be surprised at how your actions are being interpreted by consumers.

Is Your Aesthetic Partner Working for You—Or For Themselves?
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Stop playing the volume game with your aesthetic partner, and start asking these four questions instead.